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          Considering Divorce?

          Considering a divorce? Is the relationship so toxic that even the kids beg you to leave?

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          Accusations Causing A Rift In Your Relationship?

          Are there serious accusations that are causing a major rift in your relationship?

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          Explosive Family Drama?

          Are you and your family members in constant turmoil?

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          Recent Events Causing Drama in Your Life?

          At war with someone? Did you cause the drama and now you want to help make amends?

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          Terrible Lies?

          Have you been lied to? Has this lie ruined your family? Or is it time to make a confession?

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          Too Much Drama?

          Do you have family members who bring too much drama to your life?

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          Fed Up With Someone’s Controlling Ways?

          Have a partner controlling your every move? Fed up with parents/family member being in every aspect of your business?

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          Have Family Drama That Needs Dr. Phil's Help?

          Feel like your family feuds are past the point of no return? Are you drowning in drama not even Dr. Phil would believe?

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          Is Your Family a Stressed Mess?

          Has a dilemma led to rivalries, fights, and alliances with or against the people that matter to you most?

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          Relative Gone from Big Success To a Total Mess?

          Has your teen, spouse, sibling or friend changed from being a together person to someone with outbursts or dramatic behavior?

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          Family Member Ruining Your Life?

          Is there someone in your family who is keeping you from living your best life possible?

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          Fed Up With Your Adult Sibling?

          At a breaking point with your sibling? Feel your conflict can only be resolved by Dr. Phil?

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          Know an Unstable Mom?

          Know a mom who has erratic behavior? A mom possibly in denial about a mental diagnosis?

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