Reservation FAQs


What is your taping schedule?
Dr. Phil generally tapes two shows a day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Arrival times are between 8:00-8:15 a.m. Audience members will enjoy back-to-back shows and be out at approximately 1:00 p.m.

The show generally tapes from the end of August through mid-December, and then from January through early May, excluding holidays.

Where does the show tape?
Dr. Phil tapes before a studio audience at Stage 29 (the "Studio") at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, California ("Paramount Lot"). The entrance to Stage 29 is at 860 North Gower Street, Hollywood, CA 90038, between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. The entrance is identifiable by a giant painting of a blue whale above the Dr. Phil marquee.

Is there an age requirement?
You must be at least 16 years old to attend a taping. Children under 16 will not be allowed into the Studio.

How many seats can I reserve?
You may reserve up to four seats for any one taping.

What can I expect on tape days?
Upon arrival, you will be admitted to a waiting area outside the Studio until the Studio is clear for admittance. There are benches to sit on and vending machines available in or near the waiting area.

Is Dr. Phil accessible to persons with disabilities?
Accessible, semi-ambulatory, or modified aisle seating may be reserved by contacting the Audience Coordinator before the taping date. Persons with reserved accessible seating will be permitted to enter the Studio before general audience members. Please note that in order to reserve accessible seating, you must contact your Audience Coordinator before the date of taping. If you do not do so, accessible seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis only and availability cannot be guaranteed. 

How often can I attend a taping?
We ask that you attend a taping of Dr. Phil no more than once every four weeks unless you are asked back to a specific show by a member of our production staff.

Can I change a name on my reservation?
Yes, you can change it at audience check-in on the day of your taping (providing the replacement person adheres to all requirements). If you want to change more than one name on your reservation, you must call the reservation line (323.461.PHIL/ TTY:323-956-3390 prior to the date of taping, and state those name changes clearly on the voicemail.

What do I wear?
A taping of Dr. Phil is a very intimate setting. At some point or another during the taping, everyone may be seen on camera. Therefore, we ask that you arrive "camera ready". Please dress in dark solid color business attire. We ask that you avoid busy patterns as well as white or beige clothing because it does not show up well on camera. Please do not wear jeans or hats. Please note that the Studio is very cold and you should dress warmly!

Can I take a picture or get Dr. Phil's autograph?
You may not bring electronics into the Studio. This includes any audio or video recording devices (including cameras), cell phones, "smart phones" or PDAs, pagers, or any other items of that nature. Please leave such electronic items at home or in your car. Unfortunately, we do not have time to sign autographs. Please do not bring Dr. Phil's books with you for signature.

Where should I park?
Parking for audience members is available at the Gower Parking Structure at 801 North Gower Street, Hollywood, CA 90038, directly across from the entrance to Stage 29 and between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis only, so early arrival is encouraged. There is a charge for parking. The parking structure accepts cash and credit cards. Guests with a wheelchair once parked then can enter at 860 North Gower “Gower Entrance”. Please be aware of all parking restrictions and read all signs. Please be courteous to our neighbors.

Will I have to go through a security check?
Yes. In addition, please be aware of the following policies. No weapons of any kind are permitted on the Paramount Lot or on any Paramount premises (including any remote parking lots or structures). Please be advised that you will be going through a security check and metal detector. All bags and purses are subject to screening and search. Please limit all bags and purses and their contents to facilitate the security process.

May I bring food or drink into the Studio?
The show will provide a light snack and beverage during the break, but guests are welcome to bring their own. Food, drink, and chewing gum cannot be consumed during the tapings. (If this poses a problem for medical reasons, please contact the Audience Coordinator.

Will you provide tickets for my charitable event?
We are happy to provide a package of four tickets for you to auction off at your charity benefit. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that we can accommodate your request on time. Your request must be received one month in advance.

Due to the amount of requests we receive, we do not call to confirm receipt of your request. All requests will be honored, provided all the pertinent information is sent to us in a timely fashion. You should receive your auction package approximately three weeks prior to the date of your event. Please be patient. Good luck on your auction!

Please click here to send an e-mail with the following information:

Name, address, phone number and Federal Tax ID Number of organization Date of event Name of contact to receive certificate Address of contact (not a PO Box) Daytime phone number of contact

Can I bring a gift or a letter for Dr. Phil?
No gifts, cards, letters, etc. for Dr. Phil or the Show's staff will be accepted at audience check-in. If you have a letter for Dr. Phil or the staff, please send it to:

Dr. Phil
P.O. Box 1902
5482 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

What is your cancellation policy?
Reservations are not guaranteed. Tapings can cancel or change at any time. If your taping should cancel or require a specialized audience, we will notify you as soon as possible and do our best to reschedule you for another taping without too much inconvenience. Although we will try our best, it may not always be possible to reschedule you for another taping during your visit to Los Angeles.