Alcohol / Substance Abuse


Adult Inpatient Addiction and/or Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Name Website Phone
NameNew Method Wellness Website Phone(866) 951-1824
NameThe Meadows Website Phone(800) 420-1616
NameRevive Treatment Centers Website Phone(844) 467-3848
NameBRC Recovery Family of Programs Website Phone(866) 095-4550
NameOcean Recovery Website Phone(949) 942-8495
Name Website Phone

Certified Recovery Residences/Aftercare and Sober Living Programs

Name Website Phone
NameBRC Recovery (Manor, TX) Website Phone(866) 905-4550
NameNYC Sober Living Website Phone(646) 549-1845
NameAtlas Recovery Website Phone(310) 857-9345
NameMarina House Sober Living Website Phone(310) 466-3713
NamePatrick Hart Consultants Website Phone(844) 464-6434
NameGaston House for Men (Dallas, TX) Website Phone(214) 902-9881
NameWindhaven House for Women (Dallas) Website Phone(972) 948-2612
NameFresh Start Sober Living (Charlotte, NC) Website Phone(704) 264-1005
NameHawaii Island Recovery Website Phone(866) 515-5032
NameEudaimonia Recovery Homes Website Phone(512) 799-8704
NameWarner Park Recovery Center Website Phone(818) 916-6869
NameFairview Supportive Living Website Phone(805) 574-0936
NameGrace Recovery Website Phone(512) 809-4519
Name Website Phone


Name Website Phone
NameDebbie Knauss, RN, LCDC (VIP Recovery) Website Phone(888) 536-7847
NameVital Intervention Professionals Website Phone(888) 536-7847
NameJoani The Interventionist Website Phone--
Name Website Phone

Sober Escorts and Safe Transport to/from Treatment

Name Website Phone Website Phone(877) 218-3800
NameConnections In Recovery Website Phone(888) 617-1050
NameLA Recovery Project by Ashlee Krichmar Website Phone(888) 631-1819
Name Website Phone

Adolescent Treatment Centers

Name Website Phone
NameTurn-About Ranch Website Phone(800) 842-1165
NameWilderness Treatment Center Website Phone(406) 854-2832
Name Website Phone

Related Information/Support Resources

Name Website Phone
NameD.A.R.E. Website Phone(877) ASK-MADD
NameMothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Website Phone(877) ASK-MADD
NameEvery 15 Minutes Program Website Phone(484) 898-0390
NamePartnership for a Drug-Free America Website Phone(855) 378-4373
NameAmerican Lung Association Website Phone(800) LUNGUSA
NameReal Occupational Testing Services Website Phone(800) 690-4DNA
NameThe Sam Spady Foundation Website Phone(402) 239-9674
NameNational Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Website Phone(800) 729-6686
NameNational Drug Facts Week Website Phone(301) 443-1124
NameNIDA for Teens Website Phone--
NameNational Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Website Phone(818) 916-6869
NameNational Association for Children of Alcoholics Website Phone(301) 468-0985
NameMental Help Net Website Phone--
NameRecovery Happens Counseling Services Website Phone(916) 276-0626
NameAdult Children of Alcoholics Website Phone(310) 534-1815
NameNational Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) Website Phone(800)-622-2255
NameAl-Anon and Al-ateen Website Phone(757) 563-1600
NameAlcoholics Anonymous Website Phone(212) 870-3400
NameSAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) Website Phone--
NameThe Locator Website Phone--
Name Website Phone

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