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Dr. Phil takes on cheaters, liars, in-laws and more.

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Health, marriage, money, parenting, weight tips, and more from Dr. Phil.

Health Coverage to Stay on Budget

When it comes to healthcare costs, there’s a popular way to get additional benefits and protect yourself from high...

Train Your Brain, Have Fun & Unwind with Solitaire Grand Harvest

Even when life feels busy, don’t forget to train your brain just like you exercise any other part of your body!


How To Have Fun and Help Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Making time for fun in your life on a regular basis is really important for your emotional and mental well-being,” Dr....

Suicide: 5 Warning Signs and 5 Things You Can Do to Help

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America. In fact, 121 people, of all ages and economic classes, commit...

Do You Know Your Alcohol Limit?

Alcohol and bad judgment can be a dangerous combination. Do you think you know when it's safe to drive after you've...

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