General and Mental Health


Name Website Phone
NameOnsite Workshops Website Phone(800) 341-7432
NameRon Goldman Foundation Website Phone--
NameALS Association Website Phone(800) 782-4747
NameCenter For Discovery Website Phone(866) 482-3876
NameThyroflex Website Phone(480) NITEK-MD
NameThe Albert Ellis Institute Website Phone(212) 535-0822
NameInternational OCD Foundation Website Phone(617) 973-5801
NameMinnesota Autism Center Website Phone(952) 767-4200
NameNational Marrow Donor Program Website Phone(800) 507-5427
NameMedlinePlus Website Phone--
NameULifeline Website Phone--
NameCovenant House Hotline Website Phone(800) 999-9999
NameChildren and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Website Phone(800) 233-4050
NameSpruce Mountain Inn Residential Treatment Progr Website Phone(802) 454-8353
NameLife Language Institute Website Phone--
NameThe Glendon Association Website Phone(805) 681-0415
NamePsychalive Website Phone--
NameMental Help Net Website Phone--
NameNational Mental Health Association of America (MHA) Website Phone(703) 684-7722
NameAmerican Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. Website Phone--
NameNational Institute of Mental Health Website Phone(301) 443-4513
NameNational Institutes of Health Website Phone(301) 496-4000
NameMayo Clinic Website Phone--
NameLos Angeles Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Body Image Clinic Website Phone(310) 741-2000
NameAmerican Psychological Association Website Phone(800) 374-2721 Website Phone--
NameMarriage Help Centers (MHC) Website Phone(949) 734-5433
NameLarry King Cardiac Foundation Website Phone--
NameLeslie Rogers Website Phone(303) 814-5411
NameEnough Is Enough Website Phone(888) 744-0004
NameLIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. Website Phone(410) 235-3220
NamePrader-Willi Syndrome Association Website Phone(800) 926-4797
NameAugie’s Quest Website Phone(310) 741-2000 Website Phone(800) 456-9913
NameSteve Hassan, Freedom of Mind Resource Center Website Phone(617) 396-4638
NameThe Menninger Clinic Website Phone(800) 351-9058
NameInstitute of HeartMath Website Phone(831) 338-8500
NameThe Counseling Center Website Phone(914) 793-3388
NameNew Beginnings Counseling Center Website Phone(805) 963-7777
NameUnited Brachial Plexus Network, Inc. Website Phone(866) 877-7004
NameBy My Side: Taking Charge of Cancer Treatment Website Phone--
NameVital Intervention Professionals Website Phone(888) 536-7847
NameOn-Line Gamers Anonymous Website Phone(612) 245-1115
NameSexaholics Anonymous Website Phone--
NameSex Addicts Anonymous Website Phone--
NameNational Sleep Foundation Website Phone(703) 243-1697
NameAmerican Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Website Phone(202) 966-7300
NameThe Meadows Website Phone(800) 420-1616
NameCAST Centers Website Phone(877) 657-8967
NameAwakenings Treatment Center Website Phone(855) 717-3268
NameDiscovery Mood and Anxiety Program Website Phone--
Name Website Phone

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