Classic Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil's guests have experienced personal tragedy and are having difficulty moving on. Get his advice on how to cope with loss.



Losing a Child
Two years ago, Drew and Amanda's 3-year-old son drowned. Although the death was accidental, Amanda is crippled with guilt and feels she doesn't deserve to enjoy life. The couple asks how they can move on.



Forgiving Yourself after the Loss of a Loved One.

Coping with Suicide
In 1998, Geri's husband, Scott, who suffered from bipolar disorder, committed suicide. Geri blames herself and is having difficulty dealing with her anger at Scott for what he did " and guilt because of her anger.


Dealing with Anger and Guilt after a Relative's Suicide.

When Tragedy Strikes

In 2001, Kellie and her husband, Jason, drove to Mount Rainier to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. In a freak accident, a tree fell onto their car, killing Jason and leaving Kellie with massive injuries.



Getting Through the Grieving Process.

Living with a Special-Needs Child

Dale says she struggles with guilt, because she is considering placing her 9-year-old autistic son in an alternative-living situation because his condition is too much for her to handle.



What to Remember when Moving Past a Tragedy.