How many resolutions have you made and then broken? Dr. Phil's guests say they have big changes to make in the new year, but they're just not sure how to go about them. Dr. Phil gets them started.



Jabber-Jaw Jeni

Jeni's New Year's resolution is to stop talking so much. She's lost jobs, promotions and relationships because she can't keep her trap shut. Her friends and family say talking to her is exhausting.


"The only thing that could stop me right now is duct tape." 





Feathered Fear

Regina has had a phobia of birds and feathers for over 40 years. She says if she had to choose between touching a feather or jumping out a window, she'd take a flying leap. Can she get over her crippling fear? 


"I'd sleep in a room with a corpse. I won't sleep on a bed with a feathered pillow." 





Produce Paranoia

James hasn't eaten a vegetable in 19 years. He says if he even tries, he gags. His fiancée, Shannon, is worried about his health and says this is the only thing they fight about. 


James takes on the zucchini challenge!





Mad for Joel Madden

Kirstin, 16, admits she's obsessed with the singer of the band Good Charlotte. She spends all her time on the Internet, scouring for news and pictures of Joel Madden. Kirstin's mom, Carole, thinks her daughter's obsession is out of control.


Will a special message be her wake-up call or just fan the flames?