It's that time of year when people take a long, hard look at their lives to see what's not working. Dr. Phil's guests say they desperately need to change their unhealthy lifestyles or they might not make it to another year.


Life in the Fast (Food) Lane

Jill weighs 375 pounds and says she's afraid she'll die if she doesn't drop 210 pounds. Her friend, Cathi, says Jill needs to stop making daily trips to McDonald's.


Can Jill put down the Big Mac and pick up healthier eating habits?



Addicted to Nicotine

Pam vows to quit smoking in 2008. She claims her husband, Eric is one of the reasons she can't kick her 22-year addiction, because she can't resist the urge to light up when he does.


Will Pam continue to puff her life away?



Seething Sister

Nyasha and Simone claim their sister, Victoria, has anger issues, and they're giving her an ultimatum: Get your act together or get gone! They say she constantly curses, steals from relatives and starts fist fights in front of her kids.


What's behind Victoria's bad behavior?