Top-of-the-line cars, boats and designer labels … Do you know someone whose spending is out of control? Dr. Phil speaks with guests who are fed up with the high roller in their life.


Fully Loaded

Katie worries about her brother, Adam's, impulsive spending. She says he loves to spoil himself with fancy toys so he can brag to others. Adam says what's the point of buying the things he has if he can't show them off?


"I have a distinct taste for nice things. It could be worse. I could have no taste at all."



Playing Favorites?

Kacedra says her sister, Gina, spends thousands spoiling her 4-year-old daughter, Dawson, and is creating a shopaholic who only wants to spend time with "Auntie Gina." Gina sees nothing wrong with spoiling her neice.


How does this affect Kacedra's other kids? 



Doggie Doting

Pam says she loves to spoil her pet dog, Pie Boy. She buys him designer doggie duds, chews his food for him and even gave Pie Boy his own pet dog! Her ex-roommate, David, says Pam's pampered pooch is the reason he moved out.


Is Pam's puppy love ruining her human relationships?