You've heard the expression, "home sweet home," but for many couples, this adage couldn't be further from the truth. Jennie and Jeremy's eight-year marriage is crumbling, and their home has turned into a battlefield where they fight up to five times a day.


War Zone on the Home Front

Jeremy says when he fights with Jennie, she hits, kicks and bites him. During one argument, he called the police, and she was arrested for domestic battery. Jennie says Jeremy pushes her buttons.


"I am petrified of the monster that she's become."



Is an Obsession the Problem?

Jennie's family is so concerned about the effect the violent fighting is having on the couple's three young daughters that they wrote in to the show. They say anorexia is partly to blame for Jennie's extreme rage.


"It makes you sick to watch someone you love basically killing themselves."



Should They Call it Quits?

Jennie's sisters feel she and Jeremy should end their marriage. They say they refuse to stand by and watch their nieces' childhoods being destroyed, and they want nothing to do with Jennie until she leaves Jeremy for good.


Find out what the oldest child revealed to her aunt.