Secrets to looking younger, losing weight and using the latest anti-aging techniques!

Do you feel like a frumpy mother and want to become a hip mom? Is your skin sagging, hairstyle drab or clothing stuck in a time warp? As we age, we want to continue to feel and look young, but it helps to know a few secrets. Dr. Phil is joined by Robin, who reveals her tips for looking younger, feeling better and getting slimmer.



Lisa, Sally, Joanne, Evelyn and Karlyne are moms in their 40s and 50s who say they are noticing the effects of age, and their hair, skin and weight are causing them to look older than they feel. Robin arranges for this group of moms to meet with her team of experts to get on their way to discovering the fountain of youth.


Learn how to jump-start your transformation!



Surprise Trip

After weeks of working hard on their new fitness and beauty regimens, the five women are whisked away in a limousine. They have no idea their next stop is Robin's front door for a girls-only champagne brunch!


See the other surprises Robin has in store.



Shopping Lesson

Robin is joined by her daughter-in-law, Erica, and Entertainment Tonight fashion guru Cojo for a shopping trip to L.A.'s famous store, Kitson, where she teaches you how to look fantastic and youthful at any age.


If you're over 40 and think you're too old to dress young and hip, think again!



Cojo's Anti-Aging Style Tips Cojo offers his wardrobe dos and don'ts. Plus, he shows solutions for clothing disasters that add decades to looks.


Are you making mistakes when you get dressed?




Mom Makeovers Revealed!

After five weeks of eating healthier, working out more and taking better care of their skin, the women receive the final touches to their new looks, including an age-appropriate, fashionable outfit selected for for them by Robin and Cojo. See which mom took off 18 inches!

The women reveal their age-defying makeovers for the first time on Dr. Phil's stage.


Robin's Secrets Revealed

To help the five moms lose weight, restore their youthful appearance and get their hormones in check, Robin arranged for them to visit the experts she personally uses.


See the team enlisted to help, and find out their specialties.

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