Do you have someone in your life who's so annoying and frustrating that you just want him or her to go away? What do you do when you're co-parents with someone you can't get along with? And, what if your daughter secretly dated, and then married, a man you despise?


Exes at War

Todd says his ex-wife, Nicholle, needs to butt out of his life, even though they share custody of two kids. He says he's tired of her phone calls and showing up unannounced. Nicholle says Todd and his new wife, Michelle, fail to keep her informed.

"I have every right to know what's happening with my girls."

Custody Exchange

Todd and Michelle think Nicholle is turning the girls against their father because they throw tantrums when she drops them off. Nicholle says it tears her heart out to see them upset. What is causing the chaos?

See what happens during a typical custody exchange. 

Fractured Family

Diana hates Alberto, the man that her daughter, Elizabeth, eloped with. She says Alberto stole her best friend, and she refuses to have a relationship with her daughter until she's divorced. Elizabeth wants her mom to be back in her life and to accept her marriage.

The three face each other for the first time in three years.