What happens when a household is in total meltdown and filled with constant battles? Meet a mother who is afraid of her 17-year-old son, and the stepfather who says he's caught in the middle. But is the boy the only one to blame for the chaos in the house?


Teen Terror?

Sandi says her son, Michael, is totally out of control. She claims he gets abusive with her during their frequent fights, and she's called the police seven times. Michael says his mother is crazy.

"I am terrified that my son will go too far."

Incriminating Recordings

Michael says the fighting is not all his fault. Is he being real with himself? To Michael's surprise, Dr. Phil plays the threatening voicemails his parents recorded on tape. And, Sandi's shocking behavior is also caught on tape. 

"Your behavior is absolutely unacceptable, but wholly understandable."

Robin's Words

Robin is so outraged by Sandi's behavior, she leaves her seat and joins the family onstage. Find out her passionate message for the parents. When Michael begins to open up, will Sandi and Jim take ownership for their contribution to this relationship?

"There's something wrong with you."

What Will the Future Hold?

Michael's combative relationship with his stepfather, Jim, is adding to the problems. Their fighting has become physical, and on one occasion, Jim was thrown to the ground. Could there be more underlying the problems?

Dr. Phil's plan for this family.