Do you know someone who says they have a great idea to make a lot of cash overnight? Does this person spend all their time, energy and money trying to make a better this or that? Dr. Phil's guests have their heads in the clouds but no money in the bank, and their loved ones want to give them a reality check.


Realistic Goal or Pipe Dream?

Dave claims his big money break is around the corner, when one of his deals comes through. He says he'll be living high on the hog, although now he lives in a tent. His ex-girlfriend says she might marry him if he could get his finances figured out.

"Sitting at a desk would really not be the best use of my God-given talents."

Rash Real Estate Investing

Casey is only 24 years old and already $2 million in debt. He's been foreclosed on, receives calls from creditors, is considering bankruptcy, and his wife recently handed him divorce papers. He's desperate to save his marriage, but is his wife?

How can Casey rebuild his life?

Man behind Million-Dollar Inventions

A.J. Khubani is the head of Telebrands and has made millions selling products on TV. He lets the Dr. Phil cameras roll as he tells it like it is to wannabe millionaires pitching him ideas, and he reveals the biggest mistakes inventors make.

Find out the winning product that caught A.J.'s eye.

Spotting a $2 Billion Scheme

Scammers try to get rich quick with your money through an e-mail scam that could be in your e-mail inbox right now.

Learn what to look out for so you don't fall for this scam.

Viewer Inventions

Some Dr. Phil viewers sent videos of their ideas that they hope will get them rich quick. Would you buy these products?

Learn more about these products

Extra Content

  • If you receive a fake check scam e-mail, report it to the Federal Trade Commission on their toll-free hotline:
    (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357), or file an online complaint.
  • You can also contact the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, or your local police at a non-emergency phone number.
  • In Canada, call the Canadian PhoneBusters hotline at:
    (888) 495-8501.