You ask, and no matter how unique the question is, Dr. Phil provides the answers.

Diapers for a 6-Year-Old?
Caron wants to know if it's normal for her 6-year-old daughter not to be potty trained yet. Bribing her with toys and visiting various therapists hasn't worked.


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"My wife is a groupie."
Steve wants to know if it's normal for his wife, Sheri, to say that she would leave him, their daughter and pets if Tim McGraw showed up on their doorstep.


 Dr.  Phil's strong words for Sheri.

Dark Thoughts
Terry wants to know if it's normal for his wife, Megan, who is a healthy 23-year-old, to be obsessed with the fear of dying.



 Playing the What If game.

"My husband won't grow up!"
Kimberlee asks Dr. Phil if it's normal for her husband, Keith, to continue collecting toys. He shops at Toys "R" Us while she worries about saving for their future.


 Is this a new hobby?


Are Dr. Phil's fans normal?
The kids at Wade's school think that he isn't normal because he's the head of his own Dr. Phil fan club.



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