You've heard the phrase, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Dr. Phil's guests say they were forced to dole out a special kind of justice.




Fed up to the Teeth!

Dr. William Moody says his constitutional rights were violated when he was attacked while arguing with a man about moving his car. But the dentist wasn't on his best behavior either. You won't believe what's on this tape " but does it tell the whole story?



"You could have been killed." 



Living in Fear?

Yolanda, the woman in the video who falls to the ground, says Dr. Moody is the one who attacked her. She works in the same building as the dentist and now has a protective order against him.  



"I want the system to stop him."



Taking Matters in Her Own Hands
Mona, 75, made national news when she walked into the office of her local cable company with a hammer and smashed up their equipment! She says they were rude and gave her inadequate service, and she doesn't regret her actions.




Was the grandmother justified in taking on big business with a weapon? 



Highway Hero
Matt shot video of himself pulling over an erratic driver whom he thought was under the influence. Although friends say he risked his life, Matt says he refuses to live in fear.




Should you perform a citizen's arrest if you encounter a drunk driver?

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