Do you have trouble throwing stuff away? Do you have a hobby or collection that has taken over? Dr. Phil's guests tell their loved ones that it's time to toss it out!



Collection Obsession?

Kim says her husband, Paul's, Star Wars hobby has got to go. She says he spends 30 hours a week playing with his collection, and he won't even snuggle with her unless he has toys nearby! Paul says snuggling bores him out of his mind.


"I would be content to live in my basement with all my Star Wars stuff." 



Who's the Hoarder?

Larry and Sheila are newlyweds struggling to merge their belongings under one roof. Larry says he had to make room for Sheila's porcelain figurines and plastic plants, while his stuff got stowed in the garage. Sheila says Larry's stuff is crap, like his 110 hats and 54 coats.


Can Dr. Phil help them compromise on what needs to go? 



Treasured Memories vs. Clutter

Duaan says her friend, Terri, has an out-of-control accumulation of junk in four storage units and a garage. Terri says she feels sentimental about everything — including a rubber chicken — and doesn't know how to let it go.


"I just don't want to lose the memories."