Yvonne and Yvette were beautiful twin sisters until they started abusing pain pills six years ago. Since then, their lives have spiraled out of control. Their younger sister, Maria, brings them to Dr. Phil to make the twins take a hard look at what their drug abuse is doing to their kids and the entire family.


"One of them is going to die, and their children will never have a chance at life."

Misery Loves Company

Maria says one twin is the leader and influences the other to keep popping pills. Do they agree with her claim? And, Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of why the twins are really taking the drugs.

"I think she is in denial."

Chaotic Existence

Maria worries for the children's future with all that they are exposed to in the house. The Dr. Phil cameras capture what it's like living under their roof.

What does Dr. Phil say that makes Yvette angry?

Don't miss the dramatic conclusion!