If your husband can't cook, gives you horrible gifts (or none at all), doesn't help around the house, or could just use some general help in the How-To department, then you don't want to miss this show!


A Shopping Lesson
The last gift Matt gave his wife, Paula, was a high-powered leaf blower. He also "surprised" her with a dust pan.


Robin McGraw goes on assignment to help Matt shop.

Help in the Kitchen
Ben's favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with barbecue sauce. His cooking, says his wife, Jessie, is even grosser.



Chef Bobby Flay comes to the rescue.


Household Chores
David jokes that Denise sits around the house all day "eating Bon Bons." She says she's overloaded and wants him to help out more.



 Negotiating the division of labor.

A Fashion Nightmare
Amy was voted "best-dressed" in high school. Her husband, Kevin, is the worst-dressed man she knows.



 Learning to compromise.

An Annoying Habit
Steve's chronic nail biting is driving his new bride nuts.


Dr. Phil has advice for changing his behavior.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Phil reminds you about the formula for success in a relationship: The quality of a relationship is a function of the extent to which it is built on a solid underlying friendship and meets the needs of the two people involved.

Ask yourself: Do you know your partner's needs? And are you willing to change some of your own behaviors to meet those needs?

Extra Content

  • Bobby Flay is the host of "Food Nation" and co-host of "Hot Off the Grill" on the Food Network.
    Get his recipes for Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken and Chocolate Mousse.