Imagine standing in front of a mirror and seeing an obese person staring back at you. Now imagine that this person looking back at you actually weighs only 60 pounds. Dr. Phil takes a look inside the mind of an anorexic and bulimic 28-year-old named Aimee. Can she reverse her downward spiral before it's too late? To help handle this extreme case, he calls on The Doctors: Lisa Masterson an OBGYN; family therapist Dr. Tara Fields; pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears; plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon; and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork.



Teen Obesity
Dr. Phil and The Doctors tackle a big topic: teen obesity. Why is this epidemic on the rise, and are parents to blame for their kids' expanding waistlines?

"If you develop fat as a kid, you're going to fight it the rest of your life."



Deadly Disorder
Meet Aimee, who has been anorexic and bulimic for 15 years. At times her binges are so out of control, she'll steal food from grocery stores or go through the garbage just to get food in her mouth, but then purges it all up minutes later.

"I see myself as very fat, very ugly."



A Dark Secret
Today, Aimee's life hangs in the balance. But what brought her to this point? Could a painful secret be the force that set her on this path of self-destruction?


"I'd scratch my arms until they bled, just trying to numb out all the pain."



Coming Back from the Brink
The Doctors weigh in on how Aimee can turn her disease around. Plus, Dr. Phil invites an inspirational former guest to share her story and offers Aimee the challenge of a lifetime, if she will only take it.

Can Aimee give up enough control to accept Dr. Phil's offer of help?