If you're a parent, there is no greater pain than seeing your child hurt, or possibly worse, sexually molested. A family friend, helper or relative is often the person who victimizes innocent children. Heidi was sexually molested in her home by her stepfather, John. After two decades of mental anguish, will Heidi receive answers from her mother?



Robbed of a Childhood?

Heidi was sexually assaulted by John from ages 5 to 15. Her mother, Susan, knew about the abuse because she walked in on it when Heidi was 9, but she stayed with her husband for years while the abuse continued.


"My mom was supposed to be my protector."



Mother and Daughter Face Off

Heidi joins her mom and Dr. Phil onstage. How does she react to hearing what her mom has said? Will Susan admit her wrongdoings, or will she continue to blame her daughter for the assaults? 


"We both were victims."



The Molester Speaks

Dr. Phil has a one-on-one conversation with John backstage in a private room, because John refuses to be seen on television. 



What claim does John make that Dr. Phil doesn't believe?



Moving Forward

After hearing her stepfather recount the past, Heidi is outraged. And, can the women come together and heal their relationship?



 Dr. Phil's advice for rebuilding the bond.