Four engaged couples wondering if they're ready to walk down the aisle move into The Dr. Phil House. Each couple will be put to the test to see if they really know their partner's flaws, funds, family and future expectations. After several challenges, will the couples decide to head to the altar or just call it quits?


Lacey says her fiancé, Kalin, has pushed, choked and cheated on her, all while she was pregnant with their child. Kalin says he knows he had an anger problem, but claims he hasn't cheated since their baby was born. Steve is afraid of displeasing his fiancée, Stephanie, who wants to be treated like a princess. He says nothing he does is right, and anything can set off her temper. Stephanie wants more attention from Steve but is unsure if their wedding will happen because of the fighting. Scott thinks his wife-to-be, Lisa, tears down his dreams of being a musician, while Lisa thinks Scott is a male chauvinist with immature and unrealistic dreams. Tim and Lilly are just 19 years old and aren't sure they're prepared for their baby, due in two months. They want to get married but can't afford a ring or a wedding.

Part 1 summary:
After moving into The Dr. Phil House, Kalin gets his first assignment. Since Lacey says Kalin hasn't helped with their daughter since she was born 11 months ago, he has to care for a computerized baby that will record how well he meets its needs. The couples' first challenge is a game called Hitched or Ditched, where the couples have to guess how their partners will answer certain questions. Lisa and Scott win the game, but others question whether Scott cheated.

Dr. Phil visits and confronts the couples about their history and the rocky future ahead if they don't change. When he asks all the couples to stand up if they think they should get married, Lisa and Scott don't move. Lisa says she knows she can't marry him. Do his three previous wives agree? Dr. Phil questions Lacey about her choice in men, especially considering Kalin's anger. And, Dr. Phil calls Steve out for being scared of Stephanie, who readily admits she's a bitch and a brat. Dr. Phil tells Tim and Lilly they may have fewer problems than the others, but they are young and naïve. After playing home video footage of fights in two of the couples' homes, Lisa cries, feeling empathy for Lacey. After Dr. Phil leaves, Stephanie breaks down, telling Steve she's sorry for scaring him. And, during some private time outside, Kalin tearfully regrets his fighting pattern with Lacey.

Next up is a team challenge where the women have to change a tire while the men direct. After much chaos and yelling, Team One: Kalin, Lacey, Lisa and Scott are the first team to finish. Team Two cites unfairness and quits, saying their lug nuts were on too tight. The second part of the challenge sends the couples racing to the market, where the men are paired up and sent shopping to buy food for dinner without spending over $20. After Team One again finishes first, Team Two threatens to quit, claiming Team One is cheating.


Part 2 summary:

The four couples continue with the last leg of the teamwork challenge. After purchasing food at the market, the teams return to The House to cook their meal. Team One again finishes first, while Team Two doesn't even try, complaining about the unfairness of the game. Steve accuses Team One of cheating, which angers Lacey, who hates sore losers. After Stephanie brings up Scott's questionable tactics in the Hitched or Ditched game, Scott apologizes for cheating.

Since the women complain that their fiancés don't pay enough attention to them, Dr. Phil invites some good-looking gentlemen to the house to shower the women with attention. While each woman has a one-on-one talk with an attractive stranger, the men secretly watch. All the women except Lilly don't hold back, telling the complete strangers the good, the bad and the ugly about their relationships. While Scott, Steve and Kalin confront their fiancées about what they revealed to the stranger, Tim and Lilly feel out of place, thinking their problems are minute compared to the others'.

Dr. Phil has another meeting with the couples, and again asks them to stand up if they think they should get married. This time, only Tim, Lilly and Stephanie stand. Dr. Phil confronts Kalin about his anger and Lacey about her willingness to stay in an abusive relationship. Kalin admits that he needs help and says he doesn't want to be a monster. Dr. Phil tells Steve that if he marries Stephanie, she will make him miserable for the rest of his life. Stephanie agrees, and Dr. Phil points out that Steve just might be a nice guy who happens to love her. Will she stop trying to control him? Then, Scott asks Dr. Phil about how to deal with anxiety and depression, and Dr. Phil offers to help him obtain a proper evaluation and diagnosis. A grateful Scott and Lisa cry and hug each other. And, although Lilly and Tim think they don't fit in with the other members of the house, Dr. Phil assures them that they have a lot of work to do as well to be ready for marriage. He asks all the couples to think about whether they have realistic expectations, and tells them that they are all guilty of contaminating their relationships.

Since money is the leading cause of divorce, Dr. Phil sets the couples up with money expert Marilyn Logan, who quizzes them about how well they know their partner's financial situation. The couples answer truthfully, but Lisa again embarrasses Scott by laying out all his financial missteps in sarcastic detail. At the end, Marilyn deems Tim and Lilly the winners of $20,000 from


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