Stalking allegations, surveillance cameras, restraining orders. This is the real-life drama of a mother and daughter who have declared war on each other! Rita claims her daughter, Lisa, is alienating her from her 13-year-old grandson, Koal, and is brainwashing him to hate her. Lisa says Rita is crazy and is using Koal as a weapon to hurt her.


"She's not a mother; she's an evil person."



Father Knows Best

Koal's biological father, Keith, calls Rita a habitual liar and a control freak. He does not want his son visiting with her.




"I definitely don't want a person around Koal who lies."



How the Battle Began

What is the real reason Lisa is mad at her mother? Could her anger stem from an incident that occurred while she was in high school?




"This was a huge betrayal."



Caught in the Crossfire

Thirteen-year-old Koal shares shocking comments about the situation. And, attorney Gloria Allred answers questions about grandparents' rights.



Can this family put their conflict aside and create a plan for peace?



After the Show

Emotions run high as the guests leave the stage. 





"I don't give a damn who doesn't like it."