Little girls often dream of becoming Miss America, but sometimes these dreams don't end with adulthood. Dr. Phil's guests are wives and moms who have an insatiable taste for the tiara.



Competing for The Triple Crown

Angela has participated in five pageants and will strive for the crown until she earns back-to-back titles. Her husband is sick of pageants and says his wife didn't even let signs of a heart attack stop her from taking the stage!


Is Angela being honest with her husband and herself?



"Pageants Are My Life"

Wife and mother Karen admits she's obsessed with winning and has competed in over 20 pageants. She's even skipped two mortgage payments to pay for the perfect gown.



An achievement seven years in the making …



Craving the Crown

When Christi first appeared on Dr. Phil, she was determined to be an actress. She has now turned her acting dream into pageant pursuits. Her husband, Shadee, says his wife needs to take off the tiara and focus on their family of nine.


Will Christi decide to hang up her pageant heels?



Queen Quandaries

Jennifer is so proud of her crown and sash, she once embarrassed her family by wearing them to the airport. She says her hobby has turned into a job as host of an Internet radio show about pageants. And, other crown holders want Dr. Phil to weigh in on their quandaries. 


"It is very much about beauty."