With over one billion people worldwide using the Internet, going to a bar to meet someone for romance is no longer necessary. Dr. Phil talks with an engaged couple who can't agree on what is appropriate online behavior.



An Excuse to Meet Women?

Tameka wants her fiancé, Keith, to delete his three MySpace profiles that she says he uses to flirt with other women. Keith says flirting is part of his job, and although he's cheated, deleting his profiles would be like cutting off his arm.


Can Keith unplug himself from MySpace and plug back into his relationship?



Something to Hide?

Keith's profiles say he's single, which he says makes him more marketable as an entertainer. But why won't he let Tameka see whom he's talking to online?



See Dr. Phil's warning for Tameka.



One Month Later

Dr. Phil checks back in with Keith and Tameka, and their conflict has escalated. After hacking into his MySpace profile, Tameka suspects that Keith has lied to her about being faithful. Keith says he'll do anything to prove he's not cheating.


"Will you take a polygraph?"

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