Each year, millions of Americans have their identities stolen, but what happens when your own flesh and blood rips you off?



Sibling Robbery?

John and Tom haven't spoken to each other in nearly five years because John says his brother used his name when he was stopped for a traffic violation. John wants his sibling to confess to his crime, but is Tom willing to come clean? 

"I have to just think of you as already dead." 



Mooching Mom?

Mattie has been recovering from the financial devastation of identity theft for over 16 years, and she says the culprit is none other than her mother!  When Mattie was 6, she says her mother opened multiple accounts in her name. Then she racked up so much debt, Mattie says she had to file for bankruptcy at 21!


How can Mattie protect herself from future fraud?  

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