"Being a newlywed can be the best of times but it can be the most trying of times," Dr. Phil says. He talks to newlyweds who fear that marital bliss could become divorce hell all too quickly.


Where's Prince Charming?
After four months of marriage, Raechel is realizing that it's not the fantasy she thought it would be.




Religion and Sex
Joanna was a virgin when she married Chad. He says that their sex life hasn't really changed since they walked down the aisle.




A New Wife and Mom
Newlyweds Beth and Carlos are screaming for a break from their screaming newborn. Dr. Phil has advice: Don't let having a baby ruin your marriage.



'Til Dinner Do Us Part
"By 6:00, she wouldn't sit next to me at our wedding dinner," says Michael of his bride. "It was the loneliest wedding night that I imagine any groom ever spent."


View their stories and Dr. Phil's response.

Final Thoughts

"People in America spend more time working and planning the wedding than they do the marriage," says Dr. Phil. The catering, flowers, seating and honeymoon may be all perfect, but what's going to happen when you get home? Do the work and build the foundation for a strong marriage before you walk down the aisle.