Motherhood isn't always about the good times, like baking brownies and having game night with the family. Dr. Phil talks to women who say they can't cope with their children, and they're running out of resources.



"There Are Days That I Hate Her"

Robyn adopted 10-year-old Alyssa from the Ukraine and says she actually has thoughts of sending her back. She says her daughter screams and cries, and even threatened to kill herself! Robyn's husband, Joe, can't imagine living without his adoptive daughter.


What's the real reason Robyn never bonded with Alyssa?



A 12-Year Nightmare?

Cyndi says if she'd known her 12-year-old son, Alex, had autism and Down syndrome, she may not have brought him into the world. She says he hits himself, screams, and wears diapers because he's not potty trained. Her husband says he doesn't find it difficult to care for Alex.


Should the boy be institutionalized? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks.



Mom on the Run

Charity has four kids and says her household is in utter chaos. She has already left home twice. Now she's scared she may leave again " this time for good.



"I would die for my children, but part of me already has."

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