Every parent believes his or her child is special - the best athlete, the best behaved or the most beautiful - but for some moms, the pursuit of having the perfect child can turn into an obsession.



Molded to be Matchless?

Sonya says her 18-year-old daughter, Annie, was born perfect. She started entering Annie in beauty pageants when she was 6 months old, and at 4, she made her watch reality medical shows so she would grow up to be a doctor!


What's behind Sonya's obsession with perfection? 



Searching for Herself

Annie speaks candidly about her relationship with her mom. She says she regrets not having a normal childhood, and hates that she was so pressured to succeed at such a young age. 



"I think you are way over the top."




Cathy says she wants her daughter, Lexie, and her son, Nick, to be the best. Lexie says her mom hassles her about her weight, and Nick says Cathy drives his coaches crazy at sporting events by screaming and critiquing his game.


Will Cathy's controlling ways push her kids away?