Lookout ladies: Men are on the prowl! Some guys win your heart and dupe you for thousands of dollars, while other men are learning the slick techniques of pick-up artists so they can land you in the sack!


School of Seduction?

The Mystery Method teaches men how to break the ice and attract women. Are these teachings good ideas that give men a leg up on the competition, or are they a devious bag of tricks?



Go inside a Mystery Method seminar, see the men in action and hear from the women they hit on.



Self-Proclaimed Father of Seduction

Ross Jeffries says he's taught thousands of men how to seduce women surreptitiously, but he claims never in a negative way. Now he fears he's created monsters who invalidate women, and he wants to warn females.


Are Ross' teachings really any different than the other schools of seduction?



Love Scam

Victoria says she fell in love for the first time with someone she thought was the perfect man, until she says he ended up scamming her out of $100,000.



Did Victoria see the warning signs, or was she blinded by love?