"Fat slob!" "Lardo!" "Lazy butt!" Obese people are often the target of ridicule, but can you imagine hearing this type of verbal abuse from your own spouse? Dr. Phil takes on fat abusers, people who intentionally belittle their husband or wife simply for being overweight.


A Weighty Matter

Roger says he told his wife, Linda, before they were married that he couldn't stand fat people. Now 20 years later, Roger says Linda has gained 40 pounds and is about to lose him. He says sex with her is like "rolling around in a bowl of Jell-O" and is considering a divorce.


Should Linda see Roger's behavior as a wake-up call and end the marriage?



Too Fat for Affection?

Alisa and Leon have been married for 28 years, but now that he tips the scales at 305 pounds, she calls him "Fat Butt." She also filed for divorce because she says she can't stand looking at his stinky, flabby body. Their daughter, Amy, also puts Leon down and blames him for her obesity.


Don't miss Dr. Phil's surprise for Leon!



Still a Bully Husband?

Viewers were left speechless by Rick, who called his wife, Karen, a fat whore, fat pig and even the C-word! Karen felt trapped in her marriage and says her husband controlled everything she did. 


Has Rick changed his abusive ways?

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