Alienation, slander, sabotage " ugly extremes ex-spouses go to when fighting for the custody of their children. Melissa and John accuse each other of crossing the line in their vicious tug-of-war over their innocent children.


All-Out War

Melissa claims her ex-husband, John, is a danger to their 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. She says he leaves guns and knives within their reach and has locked the children outside in the dark. John says Melissa is "the biggest bitch in the world," and is demanding full custody.


"I'm afraid to stay alone in a place because I don't know what he might do."



Terrified for Her Grandchildren

Melissa's mother, Janet, says her ex-son-in-law is so dangerous that she fears he could snap at any moment. She says her biggest regret is that she didn't stop her daughter from marrying John.


"Every weekend with John, we hold our breath until the children are home safely."



Heavy Hitters Weigh In

Attorney Gloria Allred, advocate of family rights and known for her work on high-profile cases, and Mel Feit, the director of The National Center for Men, join the discussion. 


Who do they think should get custody of the children?

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