Once again, Dr. Phil answers your burning questions, and anything goes!

A Wife's Allowance
Redonia, a stay-at-home mom, wants to know how she can get her husband, Rene (who earns more than $100,000 a year), to raise her $10 weekly allowance.


Hypochondriac Mom
Pam and Michelle want to know what they should do about their mother, who is driving away their customers by constantly talking about her health problems.



The Cheater and the Spanker
Dr. Phil takes a call from a woman who wants to know if she should tell on her cheating friend, then fields a question from a caller about her spanking fetish.



I'm Too Sexy
Tamu, 52, says she is tired of being irresistable and wants men to stop hitting on her. She asks Dr. Phil how she can go about turning men off.




Gifts for the Ex?
Robie thinks it's wrong for her husband to be buying gifts for his ex-wife on behalf of his two children. She wants to know if Dr. Phil agrees.




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