A mother's suspicion, a dirty secret from the past and shocking allegations continue as Sherie-Lynn and her husband, Todd, confront the man they suspect has molested Sherie-Lynn's son, Parker. Did her father, Al, violate his own grandson? Catch up on what you missed in

A Boy in Trouble.  

Viewer discretion is advised.


A Brother's Perspective

Sherie-Lynn's brother, Marty, says he doesn't know what to believe about the allegations, but he supports both his sister and his father. He has a theory about where his sister's accusations come from. 


Marty reveals a traumatic event in Sherie-Lynn's past. 


Al's Summer Plans

Dr. Phil asks Al about his plans for the summer, which may include working with kids at a Bible camp. Then, Al agrees to take a polygraph test to prove he didn't molest Sherie-Lynn at ages 3 and 7, and he never touched Parker inappropriately.


"I am not a pedophile." 



The Truth Comes Out

Dr. Phil reads the results of Al's polygraph test. According to the test, did Al molest his daughter and his grandson? Sherie-Lynn faces her father. 


"I lived in torment. I lived in fear. I lived in hell!" 


What Happens Now?

Dr. Phil gives Al one last chance to be honest with his family. And, where do they go from here? 


What happens to the little boy in the center of this family crisis? 


If you suspect someone is molesting children, please call the authorities or the Child Protective Services agency in your area.


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