Raising children is no easy task, and even your best efforts can backfire. Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of Reposition Yourself, stage an intervention for a teen in turmoil.



Thwarted Dreams

Adrienne says her 17-year-old daughter, Angela, was an honor student with hopes of becoming a doctor, but she ran away and is now a prostitute. Angela has only attended school for a few months since 2005, is now pregnant and says life is better on the streets than at home.

"She threatened to kill you in front of the cops when she was high."


Angela's Angst

Bishop Jakes has a heart-to-heart with the troubled teen. Find out what Angela experienced on the run, and why she is so reluctant to reconcile with her mom.



"I was raped by an older man."  


Onstage Showdown
Adrienne hasn't seen her daughter in five months, and they face off on Dr. Phil's stage. Tempers flare, and Angela accuses her mom of conning her to come on the show.



Is their relationship ruined forever, or will Angela make peace with her mom?

Extra Content

Reposition Yourself: Living Life
Without Limits
By T.D. Jakes

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