Amanda, 27, and Angela, 25, are two sisters who say their mother, Ruthie, always appeared to others as the perfect mom, but behind closed doors was no mother at all. Now they wonder, is Ruthie throwing underage drinking parties for their teen siblings still living at home?


Kids Cast Aside?

Amanda and Angela harbor angry feelings toward their mom and have not spoken to her in months. They use words like "phony," "incompetent" and "sociopath" to describe her and have written letters to give her a wake-up call. When their dad remarried, the sisters say Ruthie showed up at the wedding and had to be chased off the premises.

Where does Ruthie place the blame for her family's problems?


The Root Beer Kegger 

The sisters are especially concerned for their three teenaged siblings still living at home with Ruthie, and they believe that their mother will do anything to win the teens' love, including throwing drinking parties " one of which was videotaped and landed on YouTube. Ariel, Ruthie's 16-year-old daughter, offers a firsthand account of what she says is going on at home. When she makes a tearful plea, will her mother be moved by it?


Was the last party really a set-up for the police?


In Legal Peril?

Heavy-hitting lawyer Gloria Allred gives sound legal advice that no parent of a teenager should miss.


"They're going to come after you for everything you have."


The Legacy

Amanda refuses to have children because of what she calls "the maternal legacy" of her family. She shares a story she remembers from her early childhood that she says has left her scarred.


"'Get this damn kid out of my house!'"