Flirting with Disaster
Joe didn't think there was anything wrong with having "emotional affairs." His wife, Karmen, said the trust was gone in their marriage and the children were affected. Did Joe listen and stop flirting?


The answer will surprise you.



Money Troubles
Tony's nine failed businesses forced him and his wife, Kelly, to file for bankruptcy. Kelly was fed up, refused to give Tony their ATM code, and was ready for divorce. Are Tony and Kelly still together?


See how their lives have changed.

How are they now?



No Family Time
Patty brought her husband, Andy, to the show because she was concerned about his workaholic ways. He promised Dr. Phil that he would spend less time at his business for 30 days.


See Andy and Patty's first appearance.

Did Andy keep his promise?


Baby Debate
Adam and Leah first came on the show after Adam shocked his fiance by announcing he wanted a vasectomy. Now, Adam and Leah reveal how being honest about their differing views on parenthood led to the end of their engagement.

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