Food Hoarding
Imagine being forced to dwell in a space that is so cluttered with junk, food and trash, you can barely walk. Now imagine owning two homes stuffed with plastic containers, empty boxes and bags and rotting food. This is what life looks like for Nancy, her boyfriend, Bob, and their three children. Nancy, a former nurse, admits to being an extreme hoarder, but how did she and Bob, a former corporate attorney, allow their lives to degenerate to this chaotic clutter?

"It's getting worse and worse. It's a tragedy," Bob says.


The Real Victims
Lauren, 16, Dawn, 11, and Johnny, 9 are three children caught in the middle of the mess. They don't have a clean place to cook a meal, and Dawn and Johnny sleep together on a couch in the living room.

"Sometimes, I would rather be somewhere else."


A Vicious Cycle
Nancy says when Bob drinks, she retaliates by spending money. She admits to racking up $100,000 in debt. Bob says the hoarding is a threat to his sobriety.


Are Nancy and Bob finally ready to rescue their family?

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