When couples tie the knot, they don't just marry each other; they get hitched to their spouse's entire family. But what would you do if your in-laws were demanding, condescending and sometimes violent?



A Grave Matter

Bambi hasn't spoken to her daughter, Kendra, for two years, and she blames her son-in-law, Adam. Bambi says she and Adam got into a heated argument in which she went looking for a gun to shoot him! Bambi says Kendra is dead to her " and even built a gravesite in her yard.


"I wanted to kill him. I wanted him to die."


Penning Her Pain

Kendra says her mother was way out of line for physically assaulting Adam and doesn't know if she can change her controlling ways. How does Bambi respond when Dr. Phil reads a heartfelt letter that Kendra wrote to her?



Can Bambi bury her bitterness and reconcile with Kendra?