When Pierre, his wife, Amanda, and his mother, Yolande, came to see Dr. Phil, the couple complained his mom was a meddling-mother-in-law. Amanda said Yolande never approved of her, and Yolande admitted she wanted her son to be with a more educated woman. Is this family still at odds?


Battle over Pierre

When Pierre first appeared on the show, his mother wanted his wife out of his life for good! His wife wanted his mom to butt out. Pierre was torn between the rich lifestyle his mother provided and life with his wife.


Did Pierre take Dr. Phil's advice and cut the purse strings?


Mom Put to the Test

Pierre says his mother is jealous and judgmental of the women he dates. She disagrees with her son's accusations and says she's only been involved in his love life for the last two years.


When Yolande meets Pierre's newest date, how does she react?


A Secret Revealed

Pierre has been hiding the truth from his mother, and he wants Dr. Phil's help in telling her. And, Amanda and Yolande see each other for the first time in months and face off on Dr. Phil's stage.


What does the future hold for this trio?


Is Yolande still clinching the purse strings?

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