Ladies, beware! Dr. Phil sheds light on men you might want to avoid! You know the type: They can turn you off with their confidence, offend you with their arrogance and make you wonder if they actually hate women.


The Worst Person in the World?

John got the above title after sending what many describe as a nasty e-mail to a woman who rejected him online. John says he stands by his comments and if a woman doesn't like them, she probably doesn't meet his criteria anyway.


"The next time you meet a guy of my caliber ... just get to the gym." 


Facing the Fire

John says he hasn't been on a date since his notoriety began. He agrees to face the fire and head out on the town to see what women in his hometown think of him.


"He needs his own table, really, for his head." 


Self-Proclaimed Casanova

Paul says he's so good at getting women into bed that he's written a How To manual for men. Heather says she casually dated Paul, but he can't claim her on his spreadsheet of 132 conquests. 


Where does she say he went wrong? 


The Caveman Technique 

Paul gets teamed up with Nardeep, an introvert who claims to have "no game." Paul says men need to be more like cavemen. His pick-up techniques are put to the test when he secretly coaches Nardeep in a crowded club. 


"Meet a woman quickly, maintain the intrigue and get her back to your apartment." 



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