She was the most sought-after nanny in her neighborhood. Moms trusted her and kids adored her. However, Stephanie, 23, has been hiding a secret for two years: She's addicted to crack and heroin.


A Life Unraveling

Stephanie was a great nanny and an aspiring singer who had plenty of friends. All of that went down the drain when she became addicted to a prescription drug and then met a man who introduced her to a bigger drug world.


"I'm just a hopeless junkie these days." 


Origins of a Junkie?

Stephanie's mother, Kim, says her daughter has been making bad choices since she was 12. Kim says she's tried everything to help her daughter, even keeping her locked up in her home, "but when does a child listen to a parent?"


What happened at age 12 that could've set Stephanie on a path of self-destruction? 


Caught on Camera

Joani, a recovering drug addict and former Dr. Phil guest, documents Stephanie and her family for three weeks. Is Kim a bad influence on her daughter?


Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Kim. 


Daddy Drama

Stephanie partly blames her father, Steve, for the path her life has taken. Steve doesn't want any contact with Stephanie until she's clean and sober, but he has a message for his daughter. 


"My dad was my hero." 

Relationship on Hold

After Stephanie and her boyfriend, Devin, were arrested for shoplifting at a drug store, Devin went to jail. He joins the show via phone, and Dr. Phil drills down on their relationship history. 


"So you stuck her in the leg with a knife." 


Last Chance

Will former guest and addict, Sarah, inspire Stephanie to change her life? And, Stephanie's best friend, Heather, tells her how close she is to losing their friendship.


Will she agree to go to rehab? 


Update: See how Stephanie is doing now.