Dr. Phil speaks with some opinionated guests! Can he get them to see that their opinions and judgments can be hurtful?


Flawed Perspective? 

Shenek doesn't like ugly people, refuses to have unattractive friends and will literally run away if an ugly guy approaches her. She says ugly people are out to sabotage a very attractive person like her.


Her Turn to Be Judged

Shenek gave a very specific description of what she's looking for in a man, so Dr. Phil finds three gentlemen who fit her type and lets them secretly watch her interview with a producer. Find out what they have to say about "flawless" Shenek! 


Is Shenek still shallow?


Not Judgmental?

Michelle says she's repulsed by obese people and has to avoid them because they make her physically ill. She meets Janine, who weighs 343 pounds and is tired of being judged.


Banned from the Buffet

Ricky and Mike made national news when they say they were discriminated against at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. They say they were told they were too fat, and if they got a second plate of food, they would be charged double.


Just a Phase?

Gretchen says she's at her wits' end with her three daughters, ages 13, 11 and 5, because they're becoming obsessed with their looks.