One out of every seven weddings is the third trip down the aisle. Dr. Phil talks to women who have been married three, five, and nine times to find out what mistakes they're making and how they can change their track record.

Stephanie has had five failed marriages. Her daughters want to stop her before she says "I do" to the next guy who knocks on her door.




"From the age of 17, I've done nothing but get married and divorced," says Joy, whose tenth wedding could be right around the corner.





Cheryl is only 28 and her third marriage recently ended. She's embarrassed, feels like a failure, and is worried about setting a bad example for her daughter.



View their stories and Dr. Phil's advice.


Final Thoughts

Dr. Phil recalls the line in Jerry Maguire when Rene Zellweger's character looks into Tom Cruise's eyes and says: "You complete me."
"What a crock of a sentiment!" he says. "Nobody's going to complete you but you ... You've got to get to the place where you can say, 'Hey, I don't necessarily want to be alone, but if I am, I'm not a bad person to do it with.'"