Does your mom act more traditionally, like June Cleaver, or is she an over-the-top drama queen? Dr. Phil's guests are moms whose behaviors drive their loved ones crazy! 



Gaining Weight, Losing Her Husband

Jessica says that becoming a mother was one of the happiest moments in her life, but when she didn't lose 50 pounds of pregnancy weight, her husband started calling her names like Blubber-Butt, Chunky and Doughboy.


"I miss my beautiful wife."



Biggest Drama Queen?
Kathleen says her mom, Grace, never takes no for an answer and is so controlling, she throws tantrums if things don't go her way. Grace says she's just a concerned, caring mother who likes to state her opinion.


"I moved to the other side of town because of her crazy drama!"


World's Most Embarrassing Mom?

Sheri says her mother, Monique, breaks into song and dances anywhere, at any time, and she's humiliated! 



Will Monique live up to her reputation at the Dr. Phil show?



Great Mother's Day Gifts

Robin shares her favorite present ideas for moms. From luxurious skincare products to the best tasting cookies " and even a gadget to make Mom's life easier! 



Spoil your mom with these great gifts!