From the outside, Jason and Shani had the perfect marriage " a big, beautiful house on the lake and three adorable boys " but recently Jason was crushed to learn that Shani's been having an affair with a mutual friend. Now, Shani is torn between her husband and her lover. What would you do?


Fighting to Keep His Wife

Shani says she's tired of living like a robot, and she's ready to leave Jason, her husband of almost 11 years, to be with her friend's husband. Jason says he's kicking and screaming to save his marriage for him and his children.




Dr. Phil Confronts the Other Man

Shani and Jason's three young sons are struggling to understand why Mommy doesn't love Daddy anymore. And, hear from Greg, Shani's boyfriend, and his shocking statements about the children's well-being.




Sisters Face Off

Shani's sister, Amber, thinks Shani has lost her mind and wants someone to shake some sense into her before it's too late. And, will Shani take Dr. Phil's advice for moving forward?