Is physical punishment a necessary form of discipline or child abuse? Find out where Dr. Phil stands on the corporal punishment debate.


Mother on the Edge

Monica says her five children bite, kick and talk back, and she often resorts to beatings with a belt. Her husband, Marshall, says Monica disciplines in anger and admits that he also hits their children out of frustration.

Can renowned pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears help the frazzled mom?

Extreme Paddling?

Elizabeth sent her 12-year-old son, Joey, to a school with a corporal punishment policy and was shocked when he came home with what she says were severe bruises. She says Joey's beating was so severe she had to pull him out of school, and now she fears he won't ever go back.

Did Joey's beating cross the line?

To Spank or Not to Spank?

Keila is a teacher who believes in corporal punishment and has even paddled a few students herself. Peggy is an anti-spanking advocate who says states that allow spanking also have the highest number of incarcerations and school drop-outs.

"It's wrong to hit children with wooden boards."

Preemie Punishment?

Jessica's son was born prematurely, and now that he's 3-and-1/2-half-years old, he gets away with murder! She says the toddler laughs in her face when she spanks him, and she wants him to take his punishment seriously.

Can she get her tot to shape up without spanking him?