Is it ever a good idea? Dr. Phil talks to people who either want it, are addicted to it, or regret having it done.


"I'm Addicted!"
After having plastic surgery on her breasts, eyes, forehead and stomach, supermodel Janice Dickinson wonders if her quest for outer beauty will ever bring her the inner peace she is seeking.



Desperately Seeking Relief
Della's breasts are so big she can barely stand up straight. She wants to alleviate her pain by having them surgically reduced, but her husband, Paul, "a boob man," has reservations.



A Painful Surgery Story
Tiffany is a bride-to-be who says that her six bad nose jobs are ruining her wedding plans. "I thought that after surgery I would look in the mirror and like what I saw," explains Tiffany.



Like Mother, Like Daughter?
Amy, 18, wants breast implants, a nose job and liposuction. Her mother, Debbie, is concerned that her own breast enlargement has had an impact on Amy. "I feel responsible," says Debbie.



A Very Public Makeover
Millions watched as Luke went on ABC's Extreme Makeover to receive a tummy tuck and nose job. It's been 12 weeks since the surgery and Luke says that he "feels great and would do it again."


See what Dr. Phil tells these guests.

See how Della, Tiffany and Amy are doing.



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  • No Lifeguard on Duty
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