Could a teen become addicted to plastic surgery? Is it ever possible to forgive and forget once your spouse has cheated? How do you find balance when you have a family and a career? Dr. Phil opens up his mailbag to answer your burning questions!


Plastic Surgery Aspirations

Amanda has wanted plastic surgery since she was 16, and now that she's an adult, she asked her sister, Angel, for birthday money so she can get liposuction and breast implants. Angel worries her little sister could become addicted to cosmetic surgery.


"I'd rather something go wrong than stay looking how I look."


Nose Job Nightmare 

Unsatisfied with the results of his first rhinoplasty, Michael found a world-renowned plastic surgeon to perform his second. When he got home, he documented the horrific result. After a painful third surgery, Michael seeks restitution from his second surgeon.

Warning: Contains graphic content.


"The tip turned black and rotted off."


Obsessed with the Other Woman

Amber recently learned that her husband of seven years, Ron, had an affair with his ex. She says she can't stop thinking about the other woman and can't get over it. Ron thinks the affair may have had a positive effect on their marriage because now they're closer than ever before.


Amber speaks to the other woman.


Torn Between Two Worlds

Rachel says she's completely lost herself after getting married and having children. She is desperate to get her life back but struggles with guilt every time she thinks about having a moment to herself.


How can she put herself first without neglecting the family?


Robin's Audience Surprise

As a fellow audience member, Robin wants to put more fun and style into the area where they enter the studio. "I want you to feel like you've come into our home," she tells the audience. Armed with ideas galore, Robin conducts a ravishing room makeover.


See the amazing transformation!