You might think of the classroom as a secure, protected environment for learning, but how safe is your child's campus? Could a stranger take your little one right off the school grounds?


Stranger Danger 

Six-year-old Kendall was abducted from a private Catholic school by a 47-year-old man she had never met before. Dr. Phil sits down with Kendall's mother, Natasha, to hear her terrifying account of the abduction and the surprising racial aspect of the case.


Did the school release Kendall to a total stranger just because he was black?


Better Off behind Bars?

Natasha sits face to face with the family of Thomas Dorsey, Jr., the man who abducted little Kendall. Emotions run high as they make a heart-felt plea for their son. Would Thomas be better off in jail or a mental institution? Plus, the officers who rescued Kendall give their accounts of the tense final moments of the search.


"That is not my son. That's not him."


Accidental Abduction?

Latoia's son, 4-year-old Zachari, was released by a teacher's aide to a complete stranger who rode up on a bicycle! Family members join Dr. Phil to tell how this potential tragedy turned out to be a comedic mix-up. But how could the school let this happen, and what measures are the administrators taking?


"My grandson could have ended up on a milk carton. He could have ended up in a cemetery."


Advice for Protecting Your Child 

Dr. Phil reveals what you need to know " and what your child needs to know " to prevent an abduction, including some high-tech devices no parent should be without.


Dr. Phil shares some surprising abuction statistics.